Safety is our No.1 priority

The Australian mining industry focusses heavily on OH&S and efficiency. In light of this, our IVMS system has proved to be a valuable fleet management tool to some of the largest mining operators in Australia.

Our IVMS GPS trackers have incorporated modules which have been specifically developed for the needs of the mining industry. It focuses squarely on driver health and safety as well as asset security.

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FleetLogix mining machinery tracking

On machinery the following items are of particular concern:

Overall Status

Live location, fuel level and operational status as well as remote shutdown (pumps and lighting plants)


RPM, idle time, hour meter reading and fuel burn rate




Notifications during a G-force event or when emergency stop is triggered

Full HD In Vehicle Camera Systems (IVCS)

IVCS system features:

Second-by-second Recording

Location, speed, G-force, HD video data


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Full Data Events

Clear understanding of the time period leading up to and post event

Uploads Automatically

Automatic upload of incidents via Wi-Fi or 4G to FTP Server

Mining Vehicle Trackers

Our GPS IVMS system will give you real-time monitoring of the following key areas:

Seatbelt usage 4x4 engagement • Handbrake usage Speeding Harsh cornering

Harsh G-force Rollover alerts Accident alerts Live odometer readings for maintenance

FBT claims Diesel tax rebates for public / private road usage Disengage reverse beeper when off-site

The unit also has an engine ECM interface that also allows the operator to view and download engine statistics like RPM, speed, engine fault codes, free-wheeling, excess idle, oil pressure, water temp, etc

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Colour Coded Mapping

Users can view the current location of their vehicle via Google Maps. This enables viewing of vehicle location in either Google Earth mode with satellite imagery or the standard mapped street view. Each vehicle's icon is colour-coded to indicate its ignition state, is speeding, excessive idling, or at a particular way point. You can also view the vehicle's ID, registration, driver, speed, and direction of travel.

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Mining Vehicle Trackers

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