Monitor your team in real-time with FleetLogix dispatch software

Know where your mobile team are, what they are doing, and make better decisions with complete visibility of your fleet. The service industry knows that it is critically important to ensure that operations are running as efficiently and cost effectively as possible to succeed. We can help by showing the most efficient route to a job and eliminating as much idle-time as possible. Our GPS Trackers will give you real time monitoring and high level management of your fleet.

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Optimise your Operations with GPS Trackers

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Route Optimisation

Our tracking systems allow the dispatcher or driver to quickly determine the most efficient routes to use. You can also create predetermined route plans at the beginning of the day and assign them to each driver based on your specific requirements.

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Mobile Tools

Help drivers in the field stay directly connected to dispatchers and managers to cut down on inefficient communication and reporting

Real-Time Mapping

Dispatchers have the ability to see all of their vehicles in the field at any time and can make improved decisions about the most optimal routes to use based on changing road conditions.

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Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) and Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) Reporting:

ATO-Compliant Logbooks, Reduce error-causing manual driver inputs

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Quickly establish business versus private use to minimise FBT liability and Eliminate expensive and time consuming FBT admin and management

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Record public and private road usage for FTC reports

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Additional Features

• Optional in-cab driver behaviour unit gives your drivers live and real-time feedback as they work

• Three-way accelerometer technology embedded within the tracking device for detailed analysis of harsh driving events

• Switch between business and private mode tracking to determine how much each vehicle is used during work hours

• Connected navigation display allows back to base messaging and navigation based on vehicle dimensions such as heavy vehicle navigation that directs the driver away from below-height bridges

• Communication gateway allows the tracking system to communicate via alternate methods such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and satellite

• Access the tracking system and receive alerts in the field via your smartphone or tablet

• Portable (battery-powered and rechargeable) tracking devices for tracking trailers and other unpowered assets

• Unique ‘soft-connect’ CAN touch technology allows monitoring of engine and fuel data without voiding manufacturer’s warranties

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GPS Tracking System for your Vehicle

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