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Site security and theft is a million-dollar problem that affects all industries across Australia. Asset theft is especially prominent because it is a low-risk, high-reward opportunity for thieves, especially on unsecured job sites. Unfortunately, most cases of theft originate from members of staff or are inside jobs. The reality is, with no protection or recovery measures in place, your unsecured assets are at risk. It's not only the pain of constantly needing to replace items that go missing, but also the lost productivity caused by the absence of assets needed to get the job done. We specialize in theft prevention and recovery of unsecured assets. Since introducing our range of battery-powered and wired asset trackers to the market, our clients have enjoyed the peace of mind that their assets are protected, have rapidly located stolen assets and minimised the majority of their theft-related costs.

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From high value machinery to hand tools and utensils, we can track it!

Worksite tools and devices

Worksite equipment and machinery

Shipping containers and large boxes

Main Features:

Live colour-coded map view and route history of all GPS trackers attached to your vehicles and assets

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No need to frequently recharge or find a power supply. IP66 waterproof rated.

View idle time, time spent on/off-site & protect against excessive overtime claims

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Geo-fence alerts via SMS or email when assets leave or enter certain areas

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Odometer or hour meter readings on machinery

Updates anywhere with full Telstra coverage. Iridium satellite units also available

Asset Tracking

The FL Oyster

A solution for unpowered assets

FleetLogix has introduced a range of long life and battery-powered asset tracking devices that allow you to track smaller assets such as tools, pallets, kegs, bikes, animals, livestock, packages, and more. These battery-powered tracking systems have revolutionized the security industry. The FL Oyster is designed to track and monitor any asset over a long period of time. It is versatile and ultra-rugged with industry-leading battery life and performance. Just log in to our online platform from a PC or download our app on your mobile or tablet and see exactly where your assets are. In the event of theft, contact us to have real-time tracking activated so that your asset can be recovered as quickly as possible.

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Other popular battery trackers:

FL Remora

The Remora utilises the latest technology to operate in unpowered environments for incredible lengths of time. Features an extended battery life of up to 10 years with daily updates or 5 years with hourly. The Remora can be attached to assets and tracked without needing to change batteries for years at a time.

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FL Guppy

Tiny, lightweight and ultra-rugged battery-powered Bluetooth device with up to 5 years of battery life. Great for small assets or where concealment is an absolute priority.

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FL Yabby

Tiny, lightweight and ultra-rugged battery-powered GPS tracking device with up to 3 years of battery life

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The FLG120

A solution for powered assets

The FLG120 compact housing contains the GPS and cellular antennas. All of the functionality is accessible through a 24-wire connector to allow for quick and simple installation. This includes ignition and 6 inputs as well as two outputs. The internal backup battery provides alerts and tracking operations even when external power is removed. It uses offline satellite aiding technology for faster acquisition and more accurate and reliable tracking in locations where other devices just give up. The FLG120 can be connected to an Iridium Edge module for tracking when outside cellular coverage. When in coverage the G120 will operate normally but if it leaves reception it will switch to the Iridium network and operate in fallback mode. Full trip data is logged and saved to the device's flash memory and uploaded when it returns to coverage - giving accurate, turn by turn trip replays and reporting.

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Other popular wired devices:

FL Dart

Feature-rich and affordable vehicle tracking device with customizable inputs/outputs, remote immobilization for fleet management, driver ID, driver safety and behavior monitoring, theft recovery, and more

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FL G62

Ultra-rugged, feature-rich vehicle, trailer, or heavy equipment tracking device with customizable inputs/outputs, remote immobilization for fleet management, equipment monitoring, driver ID, theft recovery, and more

How a compact cheap tracker is solving a million-dollar problem

Asset theft on un-secured job sites is an increasing problem that will give any business manager concerns about both direct and indirect expenses. Replacement of material and equipment alone is a considerable expense, but consequences are often further-reaching with significant project budget overruns due to the cost of lost time, productivity, and revenue. Operational disruption, in particular, can result in considerable project delays, negatively affecting customer satisfaction and business reputation. Bluetooth tracking tags are compact tags (as small as a 50c piece) which can be added to small items that were previously not economically viable to track independently. The tags simply connect via Bluetooth to the compatible main tracking unit in the vehicle/machine when they are in range. The tracking platform will then simply "attach" the tag to the location of the vehicle until it is no longer in range.

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