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Tracking Tags are compact tags that can be attached to any compact or low cost asset in order to keep a log of their whereabouts both inside a building or on a work site. They are as small as a 50c piece and they connect to stationary or mobile hubs via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) in order to keep an updated log of the time / date / location that a device was in range.

From asset and staff tracking to fleet and equipment tracking, our software and devices work in harmony to track and monitor the utilisation of any asset. The system can be set up to simply map the location of the tags or to send notifications when tags come into range of specific hubs or when they are no longer in range of a hub. Incorporate Compact Tracking Tags with the FL Remora or T-100 units to monitor the location and usage of your tools and equipment to see when they are used or if they leave a restricted area.

The Tracking Tag connectivity range is up to 300m back to the hub (depending on the tracking tag model used).

Compact Tracking Tags are low cost devices used to track the location of:

Hand Tools and Equipment

Drills, grinders, pressure washers & circular saws; although these assets are low in cost, the inconvenience of constantly replacing them will undoubtedly interrupt productivity and workflow.

Stationary Items

We track everything from bins and containers all the way through to excavator attachments. We even have a suitable tracking tag for first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

Employee Interaction

The Compact Tracking tags can be attached to a person's key chain or building access lanyard in order to track their movement. This will not only allow you to produce a full log of personnel interaction for contact tracing purposes, but it will also tell you which areas employees accessed (or didn't access)

How it works 



There are three main components to the Compact Tracking Tag system:

Compact Tracking Tag

Attach your chosen type of Compact Tracking Tag to any asset. These tags will then search for hubs that are in range and connect to them via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The tags have up to 6 years battery life and can connect to a hubs up to 300m away.

Stationary or Mobile Hubs

The Compact Tracking Tag Hubs can either be installed in vehicle or in a fixed location. We have several vehicle tracking models that are compatible with the Compact Tracking Tags. The hubs simply log the time / date / location of each tag when they are found or lost and sends that information through to the cloud server in real-time.


The FleetLogix tracking platform will allow you to view a live map of all the Compact Tracking Tags. There is also a suite of comprehensive reports for a full log of when each tracking tag connected / disconnected from a vehicle or fixed hub.

Unique Features:

Real-time tracking

Access the location of any asset or person from your PC or mobile device

Alarms & Alerts

Receive alerts when an asset leaves a specific zone or if a person enters into a restricted zone


Full historic log of all asset or employee IDs that were in range of each receiver at any time

See example report

Customised Distance

Configure the receiver range depending on the size of your area (up to 300m). This ensures that it wont pick up tracking tags from other zones.

Long Life Battery

Very low battery usage with up to 6 years battery life (battery replaceable*)

Compact and Durable

As compact as a 50c piece and built to withstand extreme conditions

Industry Highlight: Contact Tracing for COVID-19 on Australian Mine Sites

Do you know where all the workers on site are and which assets or personnel they have interacted with?

By adding the Compact Tracking Tags to all employee access lanyards and / or key chains we can create a full map of where all employees are on a site currently as well as which personnel they have interacted with whilst on site.

By gathering complete visibility of mining operators, we've enhanced detailed reporting on miner safety and security on-site. With continuous monitoring and safety rules in place, workers with Compact Tracking Tags will have a lower risk of exposure to health and safety hazards.

For example, if an employee tests positive for COVID-19 you will be able to load up a report of exactly which personnel, vehicles or offices that person was in contact with over the previous week. That allows you to easily pinpoint the personnel to isolate without shutting the mine down.

Avoid over crowding within specific work areas like crib-huts or at work stations. Alert rules and thresholds can be predefined based on social distancing guidelines by monitoring and restricting number of employees working in specific zones.

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Other Industries using Contact Tracking Tags:


Track the location of tools and equipment on site and get alerts when certain tools are no longer in range of a vehicle or hub. That allows you to quickly find the last location of lost tools.


If you attach Compact Tracking Tags to all pallets, and then ensure that you have hubs in all warehouses and trucks you can track the exact location of all pallets as they travel through the supply chain. There is no need to scan barcodes.

Airport Operations

Track the location of luggage carts within an airport and receive alerts when they leave a designated area. Similarly you can get alerts when items like fire extinguishers or defibrillators are no longer where they are supposed to be.

Heavy Equipment Fuel Level

By adding a Compact Tracking Tag to the refueling truck you can automatically reset the predicted fuel level of machinery when the refueling truck was in the proximity of the machine for a minimum of 10 minutes. This allows the refueling truck to save time by knowing the fuel level on all machinery in real-time.

Waste Management

Compact Tracking Tags make it possible to get a live map with the location of all bins or skips. You also get a complete log of the history of when a bin was dropped off and when it was picked up.


Real-time tracking of security guards as they complete check-points throughout a facility. Real-time alerts when certain items enter No-Go zones on site.

Other advantages of using Compact Tracking Tags:

Low power consumption: Compact tracking tags consume low energy or power (another cost-saving feature). You can use standard batteries to make the tags run. They have an extended battery life of years and the batteries can also be easily replaced.

Low cost, high ROI: Compact tracking tags can assure a high return on investment as it tracks the assets and equipment accurately.

Easy to implement: There are no costs involved with wiring or installation. They can also integrate with existing networks and systems saving lots of time and money.

Very versatile: Compact tracking tags provide real-time geo-location. They are, therefore, versatile for both indoor and outdoor tracking.


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