Save time and money with FleetLogix optimisation and reporting

Analyse and achieve more with our fleet optim­isation software. Route optimisation can help you find cost-effective routes and start saving today. No matter which routes your business is currently using, you can expect to uncover new ways to save kilometres on the trips your drivers are taking each day. Our dashboard and reports deliver rich and real-time information about your vehicles, immediately giving you full control.

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Main Features:

ETA for Jobs

Route management and
updated ETA for deliveries
with notifications for end

Colour Coded

Live colour coded map view
and route history of all GPS
trackers attached to your vehicles
and assets

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Restricted Area Alerts

Geo-fence alerts, SMS
or email alerts when assets
leave or enter certain areas.

Avoid Toll Roads

Plan your route to avoid costly tolls or get notified when a driver passes through a toll road

Stop fake overtime claims

View idle time, time spent
on/off-site & protect
against excessive overtime

Odo Tracker

Odometer or hour meter
readings on machinery

Optimised Driver Communication

Send messages directly to the in-vehicle screen from the FleetLogix tracking platform

Allocate jobs with instructions on what to pick up and where

Receive updated ETAs from the navigation screen based on current traffic in the area

Truck navigation maps will use appropriate roads to avoid curfews or height/weight restricted roads if required

System doubles as a Bluetooth phone kit to read out messages and enable hands-free communication

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Track Your Vehicles from Anywhere

Smartphone and Tablet friendly

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