Industry-Leading Fuel Tax Credit Monitoring System

FleetLogix has partnered with Deloitte and Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) to build the most accurate and trusted FTC and FBT tax reporting system available today. Not only does the system accurately monitor the distances travelled on public roads compared to private areas, the system also monitors the fuel usage for secondary engines like refrigerated trucks, generators, pumps and various other items. The higher end systems monitor the RPM levels of the engine and through that calculates whether the asset was idling at the time or under load whilst stationary. The system can even factor in additional inputs such as a running air conditioner and include that in the fuel burn data.

Maximise your Fuel Tax Credits

FleetLogix has hundreds of showcase success stories where FleetLogix clients have utilised the data gathered out of the FleetLogix tracking platform to produce the best outcome for their FBT and FTC requirements. The system tracks thousands of off-road locations such as airports, carparks, and private property. Speak to one of the FleetLogix solutions specialists today to work out a plan for your business and start saving now.

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