Produce reports and alerts to maximise safety, productivity and efficiency in the workplace

The FleetLogix customisable and automated reporting platform has been built up over 25 years of interacting with fleet operators and owners and understanding what the major points of concerns are with regards to running a fleet safely and efficiently. Currently the FleetLogix system has over 90 different report templates to choose from and that list is growing as more reports are developed.

The FleetLogix R&D team can also build custom reports for you if a template doesn’t exist already.

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Gain visibility of your entire fleet

Report by Exceptions

Report based on specified exceptions to see if there are specific areas of concern that require further investigation or investment.

Streamline Processes

Use only the reports you need to provide only the data you need. Other systems overburden fleet operators with unnecessary information and leading to increased workload. Our customised reports ensure that there is no wasted time or information.


Driver Ratings

Utilise driver-based reporting to help see which of your drivers are the best performing. Our mobile platform provides an instant rating feedback system for drivers to allow them to instantly view their 'safe driver' score.

Additional Features:

Optional in-cab driver behaviour unit gives your drivers live and real-time feedback as they work

Three-way accelerometer technology embedded within the tracking device for detailed analysis of harsh driving events

Switch between business and private mode tracking to determine how much each vehicle is used during work hours

Connected navigation display allows back to base messaging and navigation based on vehicle dimensions such as heavy vehicle navigation that directs the driver away from below-height bridges

Communication gateway allows the tracking system to communicate via alternate methods such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and satellite

Access the tracking system and receive alerts in the field via your smartphone or tablet

Portable (battery-powered and rechargeable) tracking devices for tracking trailers and other unpowered assets

Unique ‘soft-connect’ CAN touch technology allows monitoring of engine and fuel data without voiding manufacturer’s warranties

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Track Your Vehicles from Anywhere

Smartphone and Tablet friendly

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