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FleetLogix have a range of equipment tracking options for the construction industry. They range from your basic theft protection unit that transmits once a day through to a full featured system that monitors fuel usage, engine load, bucket weights and various other inputs. The recent advancement in batteries allows operators to now get up to 10 years of battery life if transmitting the location of the asset once a day. The advanced systems record information like fuel usage, fuel level, burn rate, engine load, RPM, engine hours and various other items. We also have a range of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Iridium satellite and Sigfox tracking systems available.

Vehicle and Equipment Tracking in the Construction Industry
Best Features:

FleetLogix: Construction & Heavy Equipment Industry Tracking - Live in Vehicle Productivity Dashboard

Live Productivity Dashboard
Immediate feedback with configurable alerts via SMS/email if exceptions occur

FleetLogix: Construction & Heavy Equipment Industry Tracking - Custom Reporting to Meet Your Business Requirements

Tailored Reporting
Full suite of customisable reports that can be either run on demand or automatically distributed via email

FleetLogix: Construction & Heavy Equipment Industry Tracking - Verify Time Tracking Claims

Deter False Claims
Monitor time spent on vs off-site and protect against excessive overtime claims

FleetLogix: Construction & Heavy Equipment Industry Tracking - Real Time Incent Alerts

Incident Alerts
Safe driving alerts for driver fatigue, speeding and harsh driving events

FleetLogix: Construction & Heavy Equipment Industry Tracking - Improve Vehicle Efficiency

Vehicle Efficiency
Maintenance scheduling, route and dispatch optimisation

FleetLogix: Construction & Heavy Equipment Industry Tracking - Driver Identification

Driver Identification
Know exactly who is operating the vehicle with our encrypted driver ID tags

FleetLogix: Construction & Heavy Equipment Industry Tracking - Advanced Batter Powered Tracking Solutions

Advanced Battery Powered Tracking Systems (Specialising in Vehicle and Equipment Tracking)


Our most popular systems for construction machinery are our battery backup fleet tracking systems. These tracking systems are ideal for unpowered assets like trailers or containers, but also allow you to connect a power supply if one is available.

The battery powered units allow you to easily install the tracking system without needing to find a power source or needing to place the unit in a location that requires solar power. We believe that any theft prevention system that requires solar power to function is incredibly susceptible to any thief savvy enough to remove or damage the panel beforehand.

Tech Screen Templete 2

Colour Coded Mapping


Users can view the current location of their vehicle via Google Maps. This enables viewing of vehicle location in either Google Earth mode with satellite imagery or the standard mapped street view. Each vehicle's icon is colour-coded to indicate its ignition state, is speeding, excessive idling, or at a particular way point. You can also view the vehicle's ID, registration, driver, speed, and direction of travel.


Road Infrastructure Management (RIM)


Road Infrastructure Management (RIM) is an application of the National Telematics Framework and provides a new way of collecting road use data from vehicles to better inform and optimise the management of road networks.

With type-approved telematics and the opportunities that the RIM program provides, you gain a new window of opportunities for growth and competitiveness in the market. RIM is an application designed to provide opportunities to improve efficiencies for operators. It is not used for tracking individual vehicles, data from heavy vehicles is collected and shared with Transport Certification Australia (TCA). 


For low-risk activities within your transport business where you're looking for opportunities to expand, the RIM set of schemes available to you can definitely help you get that extra leg up. Road managers and planners may use RIM to better understand road and bridge infrastructure utilisation to inform road and network planning. Road managers or regulators will advise when enrolment into the RIM application is required.

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