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Driver Fatigue & Distraction Solution

FleetLogix: Driver Fatigue & Distraction Solutions - Scientifically Proven to Reduce Fatigue Events

Guardian has been scientifically proven to reduce fatigue events by more than 90%


Combine the fleet management system from FleetLogix and the Guardian driver fatigue and distraction awareness system from Seeing Machines to get the ultimate tool for managing distracted and tired drivers. 

Powered by AI, Guardian monitors a driver’s face and eyes to determine alertness, wakefulness and attentiveness, intervening in case of unsafe driving behaviour.

Guardian combines in-cab intervention with 24/7 support and analytics services, providing a complete safety solution for commercial vehicles. Today Guardian has intervened in more than 50,000 fatigue and distraction events and is used by more than 400 companies globally.

World Class Technology

FleetLogix: Driver Fatigue & Distraction Solutions - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week Protection

24/7 Protection
Guardian uses proprietary face and eye tracking algorithms to measure a driver’s eye closure and head position to determine whether they are fatigued or distracted.

FleetLogix: Driver Fatigue & Distraction Solutions - Instant Image Transfer for Analysis after an Event

24/7 Guardian Analysis Centre
When Guardian detects an event, footage is immediately sent to the 24/7 Guardian Center to be reviewed by our team of specialists, who will notify the driver’s manager within minutes. With Guardian, fleet managers can respond in real-time to fatigued and distracted driving to help reduce the risk of an accident

FleetLogix: Driver Fatigue & Distraction Solutions - Real Time Alarm and Vibration Intervention

Real-time intervention
Guardian's driver fatigue software provides immediate intervention to the driver when fatigue or distraction starts to take hold. Audio alarms and seat vibration alerts are activated instantaneously to warn the driver to re-focus their attention to the road.

FleetLogix: Driver Fatigue & Distraction Solutions - Ron Finemore Transport Case Study

Highlighted Case Study

Ron Finemore Transport


"Guardian technology has proved extremely reliable, accurate… and we have been able to revise operational practice as risk mitigation. It continues to be a very valuable tool in our day to day business.” Darren Wood, General Manager, Ron Finemore Transport.

Ron Finemore Transport (RFT) specialises in line-haul and inter-city freight solutions in Australia across four major divisions: general freight, liquid freight, temperature-controlled freight and bulk freight. Established in 2004, the company now employs more than 450 people, keeps a fleet of more than 225 prime movers on the road, and covers upwards of 50 million kilometers annually.

Key Details:



  • Fleet of 225 covers 50 million kilometres annually

  • RFT aims to lead the way for safety in road transport

  • Frequent reports of driver fatigue incidents on the road

  • Management required real-time data to substantiate claims of driver fatigue


  • Guardian proved “extremely reliable and accurate”

  • Real-time feedback notifies management of fatigue events as they occur

  • Management can now act on substantiated reports rather than anecdotal evidence

  • Guardian aids RFT to reduce the risk of fatigue or distraction and helps develop effective fatigue management strategies

Trusted by the safest companies in the business

Intelligent Data

Our deep-learning algorithms rely on billions of kilometres of naturalistic data to assist fleets in reducing fatigue and distraction related dangers. Event footage is de-identified and annotated by humans to inform future product development of our solution as we continue innovating ahead of the market. While Guardian makes significant, lasting changes to road safety, we strive to achieve a new level of excellence through application of the most sophisticated driver monitoring technology and industry best practices, to deliver life-saving technology to fleets who are serious about safety.

FleetLogix: Driver Fatigue & Distraction Solutions - The Most Advanced Safety Technology for Commerical Fleets

The most advanced safety
technology for
commercial fleets

Powered by AI, Guardian monitors a driver's face and eyes to determine alertness, wakeulness and attentiveness, intervening in case of unsafe driving behaviour

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