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Driver Fatigue & Distraction Solution


scientifically proven to reduce fatigue events by more than 90%


The all seeing eye device that protects your fleet and drivers from hazards both inside the cabin and out. The driver’s driving behaviour and physiological state are detected through visual tracking, target detection, motion recognition and other technologies. When the driver is detected to be fatigued or distracted the system will provide the driver with an audible and visual response while notifying the fleet manager of the event. Our devices monitor a driver’s face and eyes to determine alertness, wakefulness and attentiveness, intervening in case of unsafe driving behaviour.

Combining in-cab intervention with analytics services, providing a complete safety solution for commercial vehicles. Today FleetLogix has intervened in more than 50,000 fatigue and distraction events and is used by more than 400 companies globally.

Trusted by the safest companies in the business

The most advanced safety technology for commercial fleets

Our deep-learning algorithms rely on billions of kilometres of naturalistic data to assist fleets in reducing fatigue and distraction related dangers. Event footage is de-identified and annotated by humans to inform future product development of our solution as we continue innovating ahead of the market. Making significant, lasting changes to road safety, we strive to achieve a new level of excellence through application of the most sophisticated driver monitoring technology and industry best practices, to deliver life-saving technology to fleets who are serious about safety. Keep in mind that our C29N fatigue device can be added as an add-on to any of our main camera models.

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Compliant In TheSE Industry STANDARDS

Our clientele encompasses major industry players such as BHP, Rio Tinto, Future Generation and Santos. Additionally, we are aligned with safety initiatives like Safer Together within the Queensland Natural Gas Exploration and Production Industry, as well as projects like Snowy Hydro 2.0 and Origin.

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