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Asset Tracking Solutions - Real Time Asset Tracking

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Protect the assets that power your business

Site security and theft is a million-dollar problem that affects all industries across Australia. Asset theft is especially prominent because it is a low-risk, high-reward opportunity for thieves, especially on unsecured job sites. Unfortunately, most cases of theft originate from members of staff or are inside jobs. The reality is, with no protection or recovery measures in place, your unsecured assets are at risk. It's not only the pain of constantly needing to replace items that go missing, but also the lost productivity caused by the absence of assets needed to get the job done. We specialize in theft prevention and recovery of unsecured assets. Since introducing our range of battery-powered and wired asset trackers to the market, our clients have enjoyed the peace of mind that their assets are protected, have rapidly located stolen assets and minimised the majority of their theft-related costs.

Track any vehicle big or small:

Asset Tracking Solutions - Business Tracking for Small Assets


Motorbikes, ATV's or Boats

Asset Tracking Solutions - Business Tracking for Medium Assets


Cars, Vans or On-site Vehicles

Asset Tracking Solutions - Business Tracking for Large Assets


Trucks and Buses

Tracker 2

Battery Powered & Hard-Wired Tracking

A solution for unpowered assets

FleetLogix has introduced a range of long life and battery-powered asset tracking devices that allow you to track smaller assets such as tools, pallets, kegs, bikes, animals, livestock, packages, and more. These battery-powered tracking systems have revolutionized the security industry. Out battery powered trackers designed to track and monitor any asset over a long period of time. It is versatile and ultra-rugged with industry-leading battery life and performance. Just log in to our online platform from a PC or download our app on your mobile or tablet and see exactly where your assets are. In the event of theft, contact us to have real-time tracking activated so that your asset can be recovered as quickly as possible.

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