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Real-Time Vehicle Tracking


The FleetLogix Vehicle Tracking System provides complete visibility of your vehicles with our advanced track and trace functionality that updates in real-time via our easy-to-use interface. This system utilises the latest in GPS technology to provide comprehensive fleet location data and analysis. Our fleet management systems provide real-time information easily accessed through mobile, tablet, and desktop devices to measure and realise a multitude of benefits for your business.

Track any vehicle big or small:

Vehicle Tracking Solutions - Small Vehicle Tracking

Motorbikes, ATV's or Boats

Vehicle Tracking Solutions - Medium Sized Vehicle Tracking

Cars, Vans or On-site Vehicles

Vehicle Tracking Solutions - Large Vehicle Tracking

Trucks and Buses

Main Features:

Vehicle Tracking Solutions - Colour Coded Tracking System

Colour Code
Live colour-coded map and route history of all GPS trackers attached to your vehicles and assets

Vehicle Tracking Solutions - Promote Efficiency

Promote Efficiency
Maintenance scheduling and live productivity dashboard with configurable alerts via SMS/E-mail

Vehicle Tracking Solutions - Real Time Incident Alerts

Incident Alerts
Safe driving alerts for driver fatigue, duress alarms, speeding and harsh driving events

Vehicle Tracking Solutions - Driver Identification

Driver Identification
Driver identification and fatigue management software

Vehicle Tracking Solutions - Verify Time Tracking Claims

No more fake overtime claims
View idle time, time spent on/off-site & protect against excessive overtime claims

Vehicle Tracking Solutions - Custom Report Building

Custom Reporting
Full suite of customisable reports optimised for vehicle tracking. These can be either run on demand or automatically distributed via email

Vehicle Tracking Solutions - FL Bolt Plug n Play Device

Plug n Play

A simple way to track


A compact and affordable vehicle tracking device featuring simple plug and play installation for real time tracking, fleet management, driver safety and behavior monitoring, theft recovery, and more. The device has multiple installation options (traditional plug and play in the OBD port, splitter installation or secure with cable ties). All vehicles sold in Australia & New Zealand since 2007 are equipped with an OBDII connector. This connector is located under the steering column and within 60cm of the brake pedal. 

Additional Features:


  • Optional in-cab Driver Behaviour Unit giving drivers live and real-time feedback on driving styles

  • FleetLogix offers three-way accelerometer technology in the actual tracking unit

  • Optional Business v’s Private mileage switches fitted in vehicles

  • Optional Driver ID functionality to verify who’s driving which vehicle at any given time

  • Highly configurable system with unique scheduled reporting for automated delivery of reports

  • Connected Navigation and Messaging incorporates Driver Behaviour Feedback (incorporating ‘truck attributes’ for Heavy Vehicle navigation when used in trucks)

  • Communication gateway allows the system to communicate via Wi-Fi, Tetra, Satellite and Bluetooth, and any combination thereof.

  • FleetLogix allows access to the system for field-based management via their smartphone or tablet pc

  • Lone-worker tracking, tracing & reporting units

  • Portable (battery powered and re-chargeable) units for trailer tracking

  • Unique ‘soft-connect’ CAN touch technology which won’t void vehicle manufacturer’s warranties

Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) and Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) Reporting:

Vehicle Tracking Solutions - ATO Compliance with Fuel Log Tracking

ATO-Compliant Logbooks, Reduce error-causing manual driver inputs

Vehicle Tracking Solutions - Reduce FBT Liability

Quickly establish business versus private use to minimise FBT liability and Eliminate expensive and time consuming FBT admin and management

Vehicle Tracking Solutions - ATO Compliance with Private vs Public FTC Reports

Record public and private road usage for FTC reports

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