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Electronic Work Diary

FleetLogix: Smart eDrive EWD Display Solutions - 100% Cerified by NVHR

100% Certified by NVHR

Simplified record keeping

The Smart eDriver electronic work diary system makes management of work and rest times a breeze for drivers with a simple real-time visual platform that is easy to use and understand. Scheduled reports and automatic alerts for non-conforming drivers means management can easily assess whether drivers are compliant with relevant fatigue and safety requirements and meet their chain of responsibility requirements.


FleetLogix: Smart eDrive EWD Display Solutions - Eliminate Paper Trails with Automated Data Uploading


  • Data automatically uploads

  • No more heavy logbook – just download the app

  • No need for time-consuming paper logs

  • Simplified data entry – location and graph done for you, just enter the odometer

  • Log entries not restricted to 15 minute time blocks

  • Easily plan work and rest breaks with in-vehicle information

FleetLogix: Smart eDrive EWD Display Solutions - Real Time Data for Transport Operators

Record Keepers

  • Transport operators will get real-time data, enabling a faster response for compliance breaches

  • Significantly reduce the administrative burden of paper records

  • Free record keeper access

  • Upload medical treatment reports and get notified to keep them current

FleetLogix: Smart eDrive EWD Display Solutions - Save Time & Money While Making Your Drivers Safer


  • Significantly reduce audit time

  • Reduce hardware overhead with B.Y.O.D options

  • Improved data accuracy and transparency for drivers, transport operators and authorised officers

  • Review past work and rest records to ensure compliance with fatigue laws

  • Increase productivity through automation

  • Reduce driver infringements

FleetLogix: Smart eDrive EWD Display Solutions - Focus on the Safety of Your Drivers

We focus on the safety of drivers

The Smart eDriver EWD has been designed from the ground up for the specific requirements of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. Our system has been extensively tested and built to ensure that NHVR compliance for both drivers and fleet managers is an easy and trouble-free process.


Benefits of SeD Electronic Work Diary:

  • Simple & intuitive design

  • Reduced driver infringements

  • Simplified Chain of Responsibility

  • Send notifications & alerts to drivers

  • Automatic investigations

  • 3 year cloud storage

Increase efficiency and minimise penalties with the Smart eDriver

An EWD (Electronic Work Diary) is an electronic device or system, approved by the NHVR, to monitor and record the work and rest times of a driver. Our system automatically dispatches reports detailing the amount of work and rest time that each driver has taken, in addition to any breaches that they may have, drastically reducing the amount of paperwork and administration required by the back office. Automated email and SMS alerts can also be sent to fleet managers so that they can be immediately aware of any breaches by non-conforming drivers.

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