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FleetLogix: Fuel & Chemicals Industry Tracking - Tracking and Reporting Solutions Customised for the Fuel & Chemical Haulage Industry

Truck tracking systems specifically designed for the fuel and chemical haulage industry


The Australian fuel haulage industry has always been a very competitive industry. The rising fuel prices and continued competition from new entrants in the market have forced operators to ensure that they are operating as efficiently as possible. Businesses need to streamline costs; increase revenue streams; comply with legislation; provide a Duty of Care to employees and protect their assets. In light of this, the FleetLogix system has proved to be an extremely valuable fleet management tool to some of the largest transport operators in Australia.

The FleetLogix system has a module which has been specifically developed for the professional hauler, and therefore focuses on areas that are particularly important in the transport industry. The tracking system has an ECM Engine Integration Engine interface that allows the operator to view and download engine statistics like Fuel Usage, RPM, Speed, Engine Fault codes, Free-wheeling, Excess Idle, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, etc. The FleetLogix system also integrates into various third party systems like SAP and we push data into TCA (Transport Certification Australia) for compliance conformity.

How Truck tracking can benefit the Fuel and Chemicals Industry

FleetLogix: Fuel & Chemicals Industry Tracking - Super Effective Route Planning and Monitoring

Route Planning
Planning the journey allows staff and managers to clearly safe routes, define travel times and scheduled rest breaks

FleetLogix: Fuel & Chemicals Industry Tracking - Real Time Incident Alerts

Incident Alerts
Notifications during a G-force event, duress alarm or when Emergency Stop is triggered

FleetLogix: Fuel & Chemicals Industry Tracking - Accurate and Up to Date Service Recording

Accurate Service Records
Accurate Service Records are made easy with FleetLogix's automated maintenance schedule and odometer reader

Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) and Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) Reporting:

FleetLogix: Fuel & Chemicals Industry Tracking - Simple and Easy ATO Compliance for Vehicle Logbook Reporting

ATO-Compliant Logbooks, Reduce error-causing manual driver inputs

FleetLogix: Fuel & Chemicals Industry Tracking - Easy and Accurate FBT Public vs Private Vehicle Reporting

Quickly establish business versus private use to minimise FBT liability and Eliminate expensive and time consuming FBT admin and management

FleetLogix: Fuel & Chemicals Industry Tracking - Fast and Simple ATO FTC Public vs Private Vehicle Reporting

Record public and private road usage for FTC reports

Additional Features:


  • Optional in-cab Driver Behaviour Unit giving drivers live and real-time feedback on driving styles

  • FleetLogix offers three-way accelerometer technology in the actual tracking unit

  • Optional Business v’s Private mileage switches fitted in vehicles

  • Optional Driver ID functionality to verify who’s driving which vehicle at any given time

  • Highly configurable system with unique scheduled reporting for automated delivery of reports

  • Connected Navigation and Messaging incorporates Driver Behaviour Feedback (incorporating ‘truck attributes’ for Heavy Vehicle navigation when used in trucks)

  • Communication gateway allows the system to communicate via Wi-Fi, Tetra, Satellite and Bluetooth, and any combination thereof.

  • FleetLogix allows access to the system for field-based management via their smartphone or tablet pc

  • Lone-worker tracking, tracing & reporting units

  • Portable (battery powered and re-chargeable) units for trailer tracking

  • Unique ‘soft-connect’ CAN touch technology which won’t void vehicle manufacturer’s warranties

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